Arts & Culture


The Art Class enhances the atmosphere of group work, in a relaxed and creative environment.
The talents of individuals are nurtured here and many Art Club works are entered in various competitions e.g. ATKV, Sasol, and Local Art Exhibitions.


The process of debate offers profound and lasting benefits with its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork.
Debate teaches skills that serve learners well in our school.

Music and Drama

St Andrew’s Music Department has grown to be one of the leading Music Departments in the Goldfields. The school offers a variety of musical instruments taught by excellent music teachers. Music is offered during school time in non-academic periods, and in the afternoons. Tuition in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Recorder, Solo Singing, Violin, and Marimbas are offered.

The Music Department frequently takes part in annual Eisteddfods, Music Festivals, Cultural Evenings and Church Services. The school has THREE outstanding choirs: the Junior Primary Choir (Grade 1-3), Senior Primary Choir (Grade 4-7) and the High School Ensemble (Grade 8-12). All three choirs have been regular category winners in their sections.

The Music Department has always had a history of producing excellent stage productions. The most recent, successful musical, West Side Story, was presented in the local Ernest Oppenheimer Theatre to a hugely impressed and appreciative Welkom community.


An enthusiastic Interact Club involves our learners in humanitarian projects and a committed and valuable “outreach” programme, which visits House Emanuel, Morning Star, House of Hope, SPCA, CANSA and HOSPICE.