Letter from the Principal

Situated on the outskirts of town in a tranquil environment, St Andrew’s School, Welkom, provides the ideal circumstances in which children from pre-school to grade 12 are educated and prepared to adapt and respond to an ever-changing world.  We do this by fostering a culture of caring and acknowledging people’s individuality and uniqueness.
In the classroom, we have professional and competent teachers who promote a climate that is conducive to teaching and learning, in other words, they teach with passion, treat with compassion, ask the right questions, allow for interaction and discussion and then evaluate and follow with remedial intervention.  The fact that we insist on having smaller classes obviously supports our quest to realize each child’s potential and allow them to become the best they can be.
Here at St Andrew’s School, we understand that the acquiring of information and/or knowledge does not hold the key to success, because that is easily available from the Internet.  We understand that preparing our children successfully for an unknown future requires that we teach them how to select information that is relevant and how to use that knowledge to solve real-life problems.  We teach them the importance of collaboration and combining the unique creative potential of individuals into a collective solution.  In doing so, we acknowledge the fact that we cannot prepare the future for them, but we can prepare for the future. them
All of our endeavours are guided within the parameters of a code of conduct that promotes self-discipline rather than enforcing a set of rules.  We believe that “Educating for Life” also means nurturing a way of life that will empower our learners to steer away from danger, embrace opportunities and weather the storms of life.
At St Andrew’s, we follow a holistic approach by saying that not only do we need to equip them academically, spiritually and emotionally, but also provide opportunities to develop physically and socially on the sports field and round it off with a good measure of culture.  We have a proud record of outstanding achievements in all facets of our holistic approach, and although we are grateful for all of these, we are more pleased with the success of our learners after they leave school because that is how we measure our success here at St Andrew’s School, Welkom.

Mr Gunther Hinrichs