St Andrew’s Pre-Primary is “The best choice for the best!”

Our aim is to provide a safe, secure and happy environment for your child to learn through play.

We train, guide and mold our children through the medium of love.

The staff, children, and parents of Andrew’s Pre-Primary form the core of the St Andrew’s family.


We hope you will enjoy a long and happy stay with us. Should you have any queries or concerns please consult your child’s teacher directly. Please remember to forward any positive feedback as well! You are also encouraged to share any suggestions you may have.
We value a good relationship between parents and teachers. It takes teamwork to ensure the happiness of your child.
The holistic development of your child is our focus! At our Pre-Primary your children are allowed to be children! They are encouraged to play and explore! They learn through play and we focus on the development of the whole child. Our daily programme is well balanced, aiming to meet all the needs of your children. The teachers take a personal interest in each child placed in their care. The children are guided by our Code of Conduct which is based on self-respect and respect for others as well as caring for one another.

Ms Carike Rothmann

We value a good relationship between parents and teachers. It takes teamwork to ensure the happiness of your child.

Admission & Attendance

We have three age groups namely:

  • Grade RRR (3 –4 year olds).

Children must be fully toilet trained – no nappies will be accepted.

  • Grade RR (4 – 5 year olds)
  • Grade R (5 – 6 year olds)

We are an English medium school. All instruction and training takes place
in English. It is essential, as well as in your children’s best interest, to be
able to speak and understand English sufficiently. They must be able to express themselves to their teachers and friends using basic English words and sentences at least.
If they do not understand English, it causes them to lose interest and concentration.
They also feel unhappy and lonely because they cannot communicate with their friends.

School Hours

Our daily programme begins promptly at 07:30.

Arrival time is between 7:00 and 7:30. Please make sure that your child arrives at school on time, preferably by 7:15. This gives him/her time to settle down and join up with friends. Please avoid being late. It is very embarrassing for a child to arrive in the foyer after 7:30 while everyone is listening to a story or singing. It is also disruptive for the teachers.

Collecting times are between 12:45 and 13:15.

In the case of an emergency or a change in fetching arrangements please notify the Pre-Primary teachers personally. If someone else has to collect your children from school (other than the person who does this everyday), parents must please notify teachers in writing a message in their child’s diary or by phoning the school.

A Waiting Class is available for children with siblings in the Primary or High School.
This class is available from 13:15 until 13:45
Any other children who are not fetched by 13h15 will be taken to the Aftercare and fees will be charged accordingly.

Our Educational Programme
Daily programme:
• 7:15- Arrival
• 7:30- Foyer Time
All our classes assemble in the foyer to greet one another, sing songs, listen to Bible Stories
and to wish friends a happy birthday. We have various other activities during foyer time as
8:00 – 8:30
Free Play Outdoors (bikes, sand play, ball games, construction, jungle gyms) and Indoors
(fantasy play, puzzles, drawing, fine motor activities, playdough) – time duration depends
on Grade.
Class activities, Assessments and Lunch routine
Children participate in theme-related creative activities, music, developmental play,
numeracy, literacy and life skills activities. Children are assisted individually as much as
possible. They are encouraged to practise a skill until they can achieve it.
11:00 – 12:00
Free Play Outdoors
12:00 – 12:30
Story Time / Language Development
12:30 – 12:45
Rest Time
Intervention by a therapist:
We refer children who experience specific difficulty in learning areas to professional therapists: Occupational Therapy; Speech Therapy; Play Therapy and diet guidance.

St Andrews Kiddies
A safe, loving and friendly
environment for little ones from 3
months up to 3 years. We are open
from 06:45 to 17:30, Monday to
Friday. We provide breakfast and
lunch every day.
Please contact our office to arrange
for a visit. (057) 352 2218

We plan educational and fun outings for each term e.g. visit to the farm, the bakery, the hospital and many more.

Aftercare Service
We have aftercare facilities available on the Pre-Primary premises. The service is available from 13:15 to 17:00. Aftercare
teachers are Teacher Elisa (071 8906 401) and Teacher Samantha (083 640 9059).
There is no Aftercare during the school holidays.

The Pre-Primary school will be closed during school holidays and on public holidays. The Pre-Primary adheres to the official school
mid-term breaks, weekends and holidays. Parents will be notified accordingly.

Mid-morning snack: Parents are required to provide a healthy snack for their children daily. We strongly recommend a sandwich
with a healthy filling. A fruit or yoghurt is an optional extra. Please do not send too much food as it is usually wasted. Refrain from
sending cold, oily, cooked meals as these are not healthy. To drink, flavoured milk or fruit juice is recommended. Please do not
send fizzy coldrinks. It is advisable to send an extra plastic bottle of filtered water to school especially in the hot summer months.

Please ensure that your child’s name is written on the lunch boxes and juice bottles. No sweets, biscuits and cake are
permitted as this causes unhappiness amongst the other children and they are unhealthy.

For birthdays, parents may send cupcakes or a square/rectangular cake that can be easily cut up into small squares.
(Please do not send round cakes.) Please remember the candles.

Please communicate with your child`s class teacher about the number of children in the class.

Toys: As the school provides all apparatus and equipment, parents are requested to see that no toys are brought to school. This
always leads to unhappiness especially if something happens to these toys. The only exception is for “Show & Tell”. It occasionally
happens that a child takes a toy home. If this happens, please see that it is returned to the school.
School Diary: The diaries are used to convey messages to parents and teachers
concerning school matters. It is essential that these diaries accompany your child
to school each day. Parents are required to check and sign the diaries daily.
Your child’s name must be clearly written on the front cover of the diary and please
paste a recent photo of your child on the cover. To keep the diary neat and clean,
cover with clear adhesive plastic (DC Fix). Please complete the personal details of
your child on the first page of the diary for safety reasons and please update
telephone numbers!

Compulsory summer uniform:
• Blue St Andrew’s shorts
• St Andrew’s sport shirt
• Red St Andrew’s sun hat
• Comfortable, non-slip sandals which fit securely.
“Slip-on” sandals are not advisable as children slip off the jungle gyms with these.
Compulsory winter uniform:
• St Andrew’s Polar fleece jacket
• Plain red long sleeved top with polo or round neck
• Long royal blue tracksuit pants (ordered from school)
• St Andrew’s grey jersey
• Plain red or school navy blue scarf and hat
• Non-slip running shoes suitable for running and climbing with velcro fasteners please! Laces ONLY for Grade R pupils.
• No high heeled shoes or boots are permitted for safety reasons.
• Please make sure that your child always wears shoes to school. We often go for walks on the school premises.
Please make sure that there is always a change of clothing in your child’s bag every day, especially underwear (including grade R’s)!
Accidents often happen especially with younger children. It is very difficult for teachers to keep the child clean if there are no clean,
dry clothes to change into. Please give your full co-operation.
A decent size school bag is preferable:
That is ideal for Pre-Primary children as it is big enough to fit a change of clothing, lunch, diary and pictures.
They are easy to pack as well.
The St Andrew’s clothing and school bags are available from the clothing shop on the school premises.

MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME! Teachers will not be held responsible for lost items if there are no names on them!
Little girls with long hair must please come to school with their hair tied back. Their hair becomes messy when doing creative
activities and it gets hooked when they climb the jungle gyms.
Boys are not allowed to wear earrings! Girls are only allowed gold or silver stud earrings. No other jewellery will
be allowed. Jewellery can easily be hooked on jungle gyms and other play apparatus, causing injury.