Here at St Andrew’s School, we understand that the acquiring of information and/or knowledge does not hold the key to success, because that is easily available from the Internet. We understand that preparing our children successfully for an unknown future requires that we teach them how to select information that is relevant and how to use that knowledge to solve real-life problems. We teach them the importance of collaboration and combining the unique creative potential of individuals into a collective solution. In doing so, we acknowledge the fact that we cannot prepare the future for them but we can prepare them for the future.

Mr Gunther Hinrichs
Mr Gunther HinrichsPrincipal

Code of Conduct

At St Andrew’s School, Welkom we expect our learners to care by:
Accepting accountability for all your actions;
Behaving decently in a manner that will not bring yourself or your school into disrespect;
Treating others as we ourselves would like to be treated;
Having respect for property no matter to whom it belongs;
Completing and executing learning/teaching activities and assignments to the best of your ability and co‑operating with our teachers/colleagues;
Applauding and sharing in the achievements of other learners/colleagues;
Rendering commitment and loyalty to the school and its ethos;
Striving for excellence in all that we do;
Being honest in all your dealings;
Valuing the community in which we work and live.

code of conduct