Dear Parents


Almost three weeks into the new academic year and with January almost gone, a “belated” word of welcome to all our parents! We wish you a blessed and prosperous 2024 and we believe that together we will not only survive, but that we will thrive. A special word of welcome to those parents and learners who have most recently become new members of the St Andrew’s family! We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful and memorable journey during which we will be witness to the growth and development of your child!


⦁ Academics
With an overall pass rate of 99% and a matric pass rate of 100% (29 consecutive years) we can be extremely proud of our school and the fact that we are meeting the expectations of our parents and maintaining our reputation as a school pursuing excellence.

We must however remind ourselves that excellence is only acquired through a constant concerted effort from all our stakeholders and that we should be purposeful from the beginning to the end.


⦁ Parent involvement
We are well aware of the fact that most of us are involved in a daily battle to make ends meet and to ensure that we provide for our families. Sometimes the demands of our work-related responsibilities are so time-consuming that the time needed to support our children emotionally is lacking.

We cannot prescribe to our parents how to run their daily lives, but we can emphasise the fact that it is important to be sensitive to the fact that our children value the time spent with them the most. As a parent we should show a keen interest in our children’s general well-being and be there to support them as much as possible.

We would therefore encourage our parents to foster a good relationship with the school and to attend sport and other school activities whenever possible. Children who know that parents are actively involved in the school community usually feel more secured and they generally make better progress as a result.


⦁ Finances
Our finances are the heartbeat of the school and will always be a fixed item on our agenda. It is important to reiterate the importance of school fee payments to be on time! We depend on our parents’ diligence in this regard to ensure a healthy monthly cash flow which enables us to be financially sustainable.

The Board of Governors has adopted a firm stance on dealing with arrear accounts and I would therefore encourage our parents to keep their monthly payments up to date. Essentially, it is all about the school serving as the vehicle to take your child to his/her destiny, but the fuel required is dependent on our finances.

⦁ Language policy
It has been explained to our learners that our language policy dictates that all teaching and learning, communication, meetings etc should be conducted in English, which is the official language used at St Andrew’s School Welkom. Although we celebrate and foster our diversity and we respect each and every language as part of our culture, it is important to remind ourselves that we are preparing our children for a future career which would probably be in an environment where English is used as the main language of communication.

⦁ Parking area
This is an urgent request that we adhere to our parking arrangements during peak hours. The parking lot in front of the Pre-School is the allocated area for our parents to park when waiting for their child after school. The teachers’ parking lot is reserved for teachers only. We are creating a potential safety hazard in the afternoon when our little ones are crossing the teachers’ parking area while teachers are on their way out. Not only are our little ones’ safety at risk, but we also end up with traffic congestion.
We want our learners to make use of the porch in the high school block to meet their parents in the allocated parking lot.

Let all of us take extra care during rush hour to ensure our children’s safety!


⦁Vacancies on the Board of Governors
Currently we have two vacancies on the Board which should be filled by parents. We ask that parents who have the time, willingness and expertise to consider the possibility of availing themselves to serve our school community. An official notice will be sent out and we encourage our parents to play an active role by nominating and/or availing themselves. We want to extend a huge word of appreciation towards the members who served the school over a long period of time, namely Mrs Moroe and Mrs Malcolm!

⦁ Staff matters
As already communicated in 2023, we had to say farewell to Ms Joan van der Merwe (Business Studies) and Mrs Adele Smit (Physical Science) due to retirement and relocation respectively. This is to inform our parents that these two vacancies has already been filled by Mr Edgar Molelekoa (Business Studies) and Mr Cornelius Ntombela (Physical Science).

Furthermore, we have to report that Mrs Megan Holmwood (Venter) has accepted a post at another school as from the second term and that her duties / responsibilities will be absorbed internally. It is also with regret that we have to say goodbye to Mrs Cindy Keynel who has served the school for 12 years in her capacity as Bursar of the school. Due to health-related problems she was granted permanent ill capacity leave.

We wish all our outgoing staff members all of the best as we thank them for their valued contribution towards St Andrew’s!


On Monday, 22 January 2024, during the PTA meeting the following parents were elected to serve on the committee:
Chairperson: Shadrack Cezula
Secretary: Mrs Mantoa Mahloko
Treasurer: Mrs Carmen de Oliveira

We want to express our sincere appreciation for our parents who have availed themselves and who are willing to walk the extra mile for the benefit of our school and the children. Also a word of appreciation for Mrs Cheryl Malcolm who has served as Chairperson for quite a few terms, and who is now willing to remain as a voluntary member.

The first event (fundraiser) for the year would be the PTA Social on Friday, 8 March 2024, at 1 Toronto. The committee is investigating some opportunities to generate some funds during this event, against the background of the 50/50 Raffle draw not taking place this year.

⦁ Dates Available
26 January Naudeville Athletics Meeting
26 January Primary School Gala in Kroonstad
29 January IEB Principals’ Meeting in Roedean (Johannesburg)
2 February IEB User group (Computer Application Technology)
2 February Gr 12 Learners Sesotho outing to St Stithians
2 February Primary School Gala Kroonstad
2 February Primary Athletics Meeting at Dagbreek
3 February IEB User groups (Afrikaans, Business Studies, EGD, History, IT, Physical Science)
5 February Môrewag Municipal Swimming – NFS Inter Primary and High School

6 February Môrewag Municipal Swimming – NFS Inter Primary and High School
6 February Primary Athletics South Zone – St Helena Primary School
7 February Formal Assembly and Induction at 1 Toronto
7 February Expo Gr 4 – 6 Learners and Educators workshop (Biology class)
7 February Expo Educators Gr 7 – 12 workshop at 1 Toronto
7 February Expo Committee Meeting 17:00 (Council room at 1 Toronto)
8 February Jo Black inspirational talk
9 February Senior Primary Valentines Ball
10 February High School Athletics meeting in Sasolburg
10 February IEB User groups (Accounting, English, Geography, LO, Life Sciences, Maths Lit, Visual Art & Sesotho)
12 February Athletics (Walk & Hamer throw) at Goudveld
13 February Shrove Tuesday
13 February Online IEB Primary Principals’ Meeting 13:00 – 16:00
14 February Ash Wednesday
16 February Primary Athletics Lejweleputswa Meeting at St Helena Primary
16 February High School Athletics heats in Kroonstad
16 February High School Valentines Ball
22 February High School Lejweleputswa Athletics district’s meeting in Bloemfontein
24 February Primary Athletics Championship (NFS) in Sasolburg
28 February Athletics Multi Green meeting in Sasolburg
29 February Grade 12 Life Science PAT Exam 14:00 – 16:00
1 & 2 March Athletics ASA U/16, U/18, U/20 & Senior Championships
6 – 15 March Grade 12 March Exams at 1 Toronto
6 March Expo Gr 2 – 3 learners’ workshop at 1 Toronto
8 March PTA Social function at 1 Toronto

10 – 12 March Gr 8 Trip
11 March Gr 4 – 9 St Andrew’s Expo at 1 Toronto
12 March Board of Governors meeting at 1 Toronto
15 March School closes for term 1
8 April School re-opens for term 2

God bless