Our main aim in the Senior Primary is to develop the learners into well balanced beings. We are a small family-orientated school and strive to prepare our learners to be ready for High School. We have high academic expectations, but also focus on teaching the learners the importance of values and respect. We do this through our unique incentive scheme. We have small classes and each learner is offered the opportunity to receive excellent education. We are also very proud to offer numerous sport and cultural activities that assist our learners to achieve their potential. We offer extra classes in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics to support our learner’s academic needs. We are very proud of St Andrew’s Senior Primary Phase.


Mrs Deidre Lloyd-Evans
Mrs Deidre Lloyd-EvansHead of Primary School
Natural Science Grade 5, Afrikaans Grade 5, Social Sciences Grade 5-7

Primary School staff members

Hansie Jordaan
Hansie JordaanPerforming Arts, Music, Social Sciences, Choir
Juana Kok
Juana KokLife Skills, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Expo
Maryke Bekker
Maryke BekkerAfrikaans FAL
Karen Botes
Karen BotesSocial Sciences
Sheriah Rose
Sheriah RoseEnglish
Hayley Hauptfleisch
Hayley HauptfleischArt
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo SantosSports Master, PE, Life Orientation
Lizzie Andrews
Lizzie AndrewsEnglish
Megan Holmwood
Megan HolmwoodMathematics
Anina Nel
Anina NelNatural Sciences
Tanya Cronje
Tanya CronjeLife Skills, Computers/EGD
Kano Lenong
Kano LenongPE, Social Sciences

Grade 4 to 6 subjects

  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans / Sesotho First Additional Language
  • Art
  • Social Sciences (Geography & History)
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematica
  • Physical Education
  • Natural Science + Technology
  • Scripture
  • Singing

Grade 7 subjects

  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans / Sesotho First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Life Orientation
  • Physical Education
  • Scripture / Religious Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Social Science (Geography & History)
  • EMS
  • Life Science, Science
  • EGD and Computer Literacy


We develop young scientists who are able to identify a problem, analyse information, find solutions and communicate findings effectively.