St Andrew’s School is a Diocesan, co-educational, church school, founded in 1963, with an Anglican ethos, and the Bishop of the Free State as its Visitor. St Andrew’s School is a place of learning with values where students, parents and teachers are encouraged to become ETHICAL and ACTIVE participants in our diverse and democratic community. An environment of RESPECT, growth and TOLERANCE prevails, where the unique richness of every individual member of the school community is of value. Our ethos is centered around these core values of RESPECT, GROWTH, TOLERANCE and DEMOCRACY and is imbedded in the guidelines provided in our School Code of Conduct. St Andrew’s students and staff practice respect and tolerance by purposely advancing equality. Students are encouraged to become involved in the community – developing compassion for those in need, commitment to the wider environment, and become responsible, self-disciplined citizens and effective decision makers. Student-centered, holistic education focuses on the individual’s needs and abilities in a nurturing environment, and allows diversity to be recognized within a spirit of discipline and acceptance. For education to be democratic it must be developmentally and culturally appropriate. Teaching and learning at St Andrew’s School is holistic and not limited to the four walls of the classroom. St Andrew’s students must develop a love for learning and critical thinking. Section 7 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (the constitution) endorses the “Bill of Rights” as a cornerstone of democracy and therefore of democratic education in the country and in our school. In a dynamic and stimulating environment, the school provides an education of body, mind and spirit striving to enable every student to become a self-motivated valued citizen who participates fully in a healthy democracy and to have a healthy fulfilling future. Democracy is a dynamic concept and the school therefore allows all stakeholders in the school an opportunity to take part in the making of decisions that affect them. (see Governance Procedural policies for e.g. election of the school council, anti-bullying, anti-violence, assessment, home work, progression and promotion, awards system, gender equality, induction into sporting teams, tier and incentive system, etc.)

Vision and Mission of the School

Our vision slogan/descriptor
“Educating for Life”

This descriptor encapsulates the ethos of St Andrew’s School Welkom.

Our vision

Producing life-long learners who are able to adapt and respond positively to an ever-
changing world.
At St Andrew’s School we

  •  aim to inspire everyone to be the best that they can be
  • aim to provide innovative learning opportunities in a stimulating environment
  • aim to inspire learners and teachers to embark on future challenges with excitement and confidence
  • aim to establish the foundation for our students to become happy, healthy, creative and reflective life-long students
  • aim to provide a school rooted firmly in our core and related values and principles with a family feel based on successful interpersonal relationships
  • aim to establish an environment where our staff and learners are motivated to feel successful
  • aim to motivate our students to learn, to attain high standards, enjoy learning and achieve to the best of their ability

Our mission (our core purpose)

At St Andrew’s School our mission is to recognise each student as an individual and to encourage him/her to develop his/her individual talents, interests and potential.

  • make learning and teaching enjoyable and exciting
  • value individual achievements, good relationships, spirituality and inclusion
  • create an environment where all are respected and appreciated in a disciplined, safe and orderly environment (see Governance Procedural policies for e.g. Code of Conduct, administration and control of the school’s property, buildings and grounds, disciplinary hearings, etc.)
  • develop students’ self esteem
  • create a welcoming community at the school and offer positive support to all parties involved with the school
  • foster positive relationships to allow for everyone’s social and emotional growth
  • celebrate achievement through a structured reward process in order to encourage everyone to value their own achievement (academically, extramural and spiritually)

Our aims can only be achieved if the school, the family and the learners work together.
The school aspires to achieve these aims by

  • establishing good relationships and partnerships with parents to ensure the best education for their child/children
  • ensuring that highly trained and skilled staff teach all students
  • ensuring well planned assessment, recording and reporting on the progression of each student
  • ensuring that all staff and students have access to all recourses acquired to carry out their duties
  • ensuring that teachers have not only high expectations off the students regarding the curriculum, but also their behavior, work ethic and attitude
  • ensuring that all class room and extra mural activities are well planned, managed and executed
  • teaching students their democratic rights and how to exercise their rights with due regard and respect for the rights of others
  • creating a multicultural, non-racial and non-sexist learning environment
  • taking pride in the fact that we are a South African school and that we should, therefore, have a positive attitude concerning all things South African, such as the anthem, flag, country, our history and our multi-cultural society

The Board of Governors endorses the fundamental values and principles on which the teaching and learning of this ethos, vision and mission are based. The Board of Governors are committed to the ethos, vision and mission and will in all related aspects enshrine the underpinning values and principles.